Five important things related to RMT Massage North York that you must know

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At Sun Wellness, we offer the best RMT Massage North York and we want to make sure you are comfortable and enjoy the services. There are five important things that our RMT’s want you to be aware of:

  1. Customization: you must know that you can customize your treatment. You can not just customize your massage treatment, but also play your favorite music instead of our spa music.
  2. RMT’s are not “masseuses”: RMT is a short form for registered massage therapists. They are qualified and have undergone education as well as training in this field related to anatomy, physiology as well as pathology. They are responsible to their governing body – the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO). It is expected that the client addresses them by their professional titles.
  3. Re-making the massage table isn’t required: A certain amount of time is fixed between appointments so as to clean the room. The linens are removed post a massage treatment. The massage tables are cleaned with a dust-free cloth and disinfectant solution. Any surface that could collect germs like light switches, doorknobs, are cleaned. Finally, clean sheets are used to re-do the massage table.
  4. Do not undrape: Registered massage therapists have to follow strict protocols when it comes to draping so as to safeguard the privacy of the RMT and the client. Only the area that is being treated is undraped. The rest of the body stays covered all the time.
  5. Importance to Homecare and stretching: You must understand that the time spent with the RMT is limited. For the rest of the day or month post the massage therapy, you must take responsibility for your well-being. The homework given by an RMT is very important for the treatment and helps in curing any pain or concern. In the next appointment, the RMT will definitely enquire about the homework! So make sure you take care of your health at all times.