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Couples Massage Therapy

A couples massage given massage therapy in the same room at the same time by two different massage therapists. It is a very popular and relaxing experience where you can enjoy the intimacy of sharing a wonderful rejuvenating massage treatment with your significant other, relative or friend.

* A 30 minute massage provides a targeted approach to a treatment area of your choice.

30 minutes – $60 | 45 minutes – $80 | 1 hour – $100

30 minutes

$ 60

* A 30 minute massage provides a targeted approach to a treatment area of your choice.

45 minutes

$ 80

* A 30 minute massage provides a targeted approach to a treatment area of your choice.

60 minutes

$ 100

* A 30 minute massage provides a targeted approach to a treatment area of your choice.

Head to Sun Wellness for the ultimate experience of Couples Massage Toronto!

Couples massage downtown

Did you get an opportunity to have a good massage and share the amazing experience with your loved one?  Sun Wellness offers you exactly that and it has an amazing couple’s massage room! Whether you want to celebrate any special occasion or whether you wish to treat yourself and your other half, Couples Massage Toronto is the perfect option. There are many benefits of a couple’s massage, a few of which are listed below:

  • You get to try a new thing: It is good to spend a lot of quality time with your better half; however, the regular date nights can get monotonous and boring. Also, there are a few restaurants that you would like or movies you prefer to watch. So, why not try something new and experience a relaxing massage therapy with your better half? Sharing new activities together strengthens the bond between the partners.
  • Relaxing the Mind: Massages have a lot of physical benefits; however, they can enhance mental wellbeing too. Massages help in getting rid of stress and anxiety and divert the mind from the busy work life. Once you are totally relaxed and free of any stress, you can have a lot of thoughtful conversations with your better half and helps you to be more open. The relationship also benefits a lot from relaxation.
  • Time Out: It is quite tough to get some time out to spend with your partner. Every single day sees a busy work schedule, financial pressures or family life issues. At our Massage Toronto, all you need is 60 minutes of a couple of massage therapy. You need not stay overnight or take a day off.  This experience helps you concentrate on each other and strengthens the relationship.
  • Being Comfortable: When opting for massage therapy, you will have to undress and you will be covered using a towel. Post this, our qualified massage therapists will take over. This will help you become aware of the likes and dislikes of your body. For instance, a back massage can be very relaxing, however, a foot massage might be sensitive.
  • Happy Hormones: Massages do not just get rid of the tension from the muscles, but it also gets rid of toxins from your body. It also encourages the production of serotonin. Serotonin is known as the happy hormone that helps in enjoying the massage, improves the intimacy in couples and brings about happiness, pleasure, and calmness, during and after the massage.

Looking for ways to have nourishing and soothing time together along with your partner, contact our friendly and certified therapists at Sun Spa and Wellness they help to learn the details of the couple massage or go ahead and book your slot online directly. If you are looking for the best Couple massage downtown, then Sun Spa and Wellness will be able to help you with its branches in Toronto, Vaughan, and Scarborough.

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