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Have a weekend to yourself? Unwind at Sun Wellness with your partner with a couple massage in Toronto. Our building has some amazing renovated interiors, and this makes it unique from the others. We have a lot fo massage deals – RMT Massage Toronto, Couple RMT Massage, etc., and you just have to relax and pamper yourself.

The best Massage Spa Toronto

If you have been using the search engines to find out the best “Massage Spa near me” your search ends at Sun Wellness. This Massage Spa in Toronto is spacious and luxurious and this is situated in the prime locations. We aim at providing our clients with the best massage services. We have a team of experienced, professional and knowledgeable RMTs as well as the caring staff who will take care of you. Sun Wellness offers a lot of amazing packages for RMT Massage in Toronto as well as Couple massage in Toronto.

Why choose Sun Wellness?

Trained and Expert Staff

Our RMTs are well-qualified, trained and experienced and they ensure that the couple massages in Toronto Spa are quite smooth, relaxing and comfortable. Our staff assists you right from the entry to the spa until the end of your therapy session.


These days, life is quite bust and it is tough to spend some good time with your partner, friends or even on yourself. Getting yourself pampered at one of the best massage spas in Toronto would give you a good break from your busy life. When you want to get a good massage in Toronto, a convenient location would definitely be on your mind. Sun Wellness is located in the prime area and it is just a drive away. You can access it from any main hotel as well.

Good Couple Massage Deals

With a busy schedule on hand, it becomes tough to spend quality time with your partner. A couple massage in Toronto or a couple of RMT in Toronto will help you spend a good time with your partner and relax side-by-side. you can select from the various deals – luxury suites or even royal suites that have been designed for couples. We have a friendly and caring staff who will answer all your queries and give you the best service.

Popular Couples Massages

In Toronto, couples massages are quite a trend, as it helps you relax and rejuvenate as well as have a date with your partner. These packages enable you as well as your partner to get rid of the stress and enjoy the pampering together. There are different massage techniques used which help improve the blood circulation and soothe the joints and muscles.

You can book a couple massage package for the weekend and indulge in some pampering at our luxurious massage spa in Toronto. You have a lot of options to select from, for instance, aromatic massages which make use of aromatic essential oils, or the Swedish massage whose techniques work on senses, or deep therapy massages which get rid of pain and stress, etc. Get in touch with and book your weekend of indulgence!